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Self Defense Training Programs


By far the most popular program, Gracie Combatives is comprised of 36 techniques that have been applied more times by a GJJ practitioner during a real street fight than all other techniques combined. These 36 techniques are divided into 23 one hour long classes, and can be taken in any order. This course is designed to give anyone the skills necessary to survive an attack against a larger, stronger and more athletic opponent. You will receive a combatives card to track your progress along the journey so that you know where you stand at all times. Finish each class twice and you are ready to participate in the reflex development program, after you complete 20 classes you will receive a stripe. After all 36 techniques have been completed three times, and you feel ready, you may test for your combatives belt. Upon completion of the curriculum and earning your combatives belt you will be allowed into master cycle to earn your official blue belt and continue growing as a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu.


Reflex development is a program designed to enhance your instincts with combatives.  After completing each combatives lesson twice you will be allowed into this program.  We combine multiple techniques from the combatives lessons to simulate what may occur during a real attack.  These lessons are practiced at a higher speed and with more intensity to hone your instinctual ability to use the moves you have already learned. These classes are a necessary part of ensuring that you will be able to defend yourself in real life situations, while still maintaining a safe atmosphere. The speed and intensity at which you train is decided by each individual and can be increased or decreased depending on each individuals comfort levels.

Gracie Combatives


This program is designed by the Gracie’s to teach children the beginning stages of Combatives, how to deal with bullies and how to have some fun.  This program consists of 10 Gracie games that kids absolutely love! Each game has movements that build the foundation to the Combatives techniques. They will also learn “The Rules of Engagement.” This is important so that every student knows when and when not to use the techniques they have learned. Many children even after learning the techniques featured in GRACIE BULLYPROOF, will not take a stand against bullies. Fear of punishment, from school administrators and from parents, is so strong, that most children will do nothing in response to persistent verbal or physical harassment from a bully. By teaching your child the Rules of Engagement, not only will you ensure that they do not abuse their power, but you will give them a step-by-step plan to follow any time they are targeted by a bully and the assurance that you will support them in the event that they are compelled to stand up for themselves.  Upon completion of Bullyproof your child will be allowed into Jr. Combatives where they will focus deeper by learning 33 techniques that pave the way to the Combatives Program.

Gracie Bullyproof

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